The introduction of the Murata Kimpaku group



Today, creative, attractive products are in more demand than ever.
Hot stamping decoration enables the producer to add value to products,
and gives the consumer a means of expressing status.
The 'now' appeal of metallic sets off products with that aura of elegance.
Murata-kimpaku Co.,Ltd. is working to bring the look of metallic to the products we use every day.
We are achieving, through continuous research and development, the marriageof technology and artistry that will open new and wider horizons to the crisp beauty and elegance of metallic plating


GLEAM FOIL is the exclusive brand name of Murata-Kimpaku Co.,Ltd.
Our reputation for outstanding quality and reliability
has been built on years of experience with gold foil products, to which we have added our own technologies and quality control processes.
A wide variety of products and colors is available for all applications except air and water!!


Murata Kimpaku was established by the first Mr. Uhei Makieya in the year of 1865, for selling Genuine Gold and materials of Gold Lacquer,
after then,we are supplying the various bright materials to the customers continuously.
Now, we are providing the products not only the Genuine Gold, but also Heat Transfer Foil (Hot Stamping Foil) to the fields of special printing, Holographic materials (Hot Stamping Foil, Film, Powder) for decoration.

Metallic Hot Stamping Foil
Metallic Hot Stamping Foil
It has an excellent property of workability and of resistance to abrasion.
Available in standard colors as main products of aluminum metallized foil.
Also available in small quantity, custom colors and adhesives for a variety of application.
Pigment Hot Stamping Foil
Pigment Hot Stamping Foil
It is used a carrier film with a coating of pigment and dye basically.
Available in thick colors and useful for graphic arts, plastics, and others.
Holographic Foil
Holographic Foil
Many products use this foil for eye-catching and adding value of designs and this is used for protection of because of it is hard to copy.
Hologram means by Greek: "Holos" (perfect), and "gram" (information), result to "Perfect information"..
Coding tape
Coding tape
Beautiful coding on a pack of a product is important for getting a purchasing want.
90% of consumers make a decision by good impression of coding on the packing.
We can supply coding tapes with high quality and various kinds.
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Murata Kimpaku Co., Ltd.

■Tokyo Head Office
3-21-4 Ohtsuka Bunkyo-ku Tokyo Japan
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